How To: Make a clear silicone rubber mold

Make a  clear silicone rubber mold

This is an excellent video that covers creating a clear silicone rubber mold to deal with a complex parting line or irregular shape. When a project requires a complex parting line, it is often easier to pour the entire mold in one process with clear rubber, then cut your parting line. This process also saves at least a day in creating the mold. This process can be used in automotive, mechanical, fine art and film special effects uses.

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Looks like great video but it would not play through could not see it all

Unfortunately your moulding methods are very rudimentary. I moved past your methods about 40 years ago. Check out what I can mould . Type in Graeme Anthony into google and see what can really be done in moulding these days.

Regards Graeme Anthony

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