How To: Make flip flops out of gum paste

Make flip flops out of gum paste

In this video we learn to make fondant flip flops to decorate cakes. Grab your fondant and mix in your various colors. You can have as many colors as you want but should have at least two. Roll out your first color to your desired thickness. Use a butterfly cookie cutter to cut out a butterfly. Use a sharp knife and cut out the center of the butterfly so you have the seperate wings. Curve the edges so they are nice and smooth. These are the bottoms of your flip flops. Then take a small piece of your second color and roll it out like spaghetti. Cut off a piece for your flip flop straps. Use a paintbrush with water to wet the fondant to act as glue to put them together. Then you can add whatever other decorations you want. Little candy flowers, or drawing designs. Put these on cupcakes or whatever else you wish. Yummy!

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