How To: Make a gum paste anemone

Make a gum paste anemone

In order to make a gum paste anemone you first should roll out the gum paste onto a flat surface and cut out about 13 circles of this with a cookie cutter. Use thin foam and ruffle 12 of the petals leaving the last flat. Place your ruffled petal on thick foam and drag a ball tool over the bottom half of the petal. This will give it an oval shape. Now, put these into a flower former. Now let the 13th petal that is flat down to dry. Let these dry for about 2-6 hours but not until they are rock hard because you don't want them to crack. Now layer 7 petals on top of the flat petal but use the gumpaste sparingly. Next you should lay 5 petals on top of the 7 petals. After adding finishing touches such as adding a black fondant ball to the center to act as the center of the flower. Indent the middle of the black ball and add smaller texture dots to it.

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