How To: Make an ice-cream cone buckyball

Make an ice-cream cone buckyball

Learn how to make these buckminster fuller-inspired buckyballs from ice-cream cones, then deploy them in unexpected locations as a kind of biodegradable graffiti. this is a how-to video with original guitar composition by Julian Mock.

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Did u consider using royal icing, filling the cones with a tight ball of hard ice cream and serving them at a party?; or using lard and then filling them with a mix of peanut butter and bird seed??

yes i did. That is I was able to think of when i did it.

Ummmmm.... This may sound stupid, but...

What the hell do you do with it? jus drop it off a balcony and watch it explode? XD

A buckyball made up of circles is not a buckyball at all, it's just a ball - buckyballs are made up of pentagons and hexagons - I have to say though that this is a avery good way of making the time go quicker when you work in an ice cream parlour.
Another good way of passing the time is adding a little gentleman's relish to the cookies and cream flavour!!!

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