How To: Make a silicone mold of a toy figurine

Make a silicone mold of a toy figurine

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a silicone mold of a toy figurine. First, roll out clay and press the bottom of the figurine into the center. Next, use a plastic bottle to create the mold box. Cut the bottom off of the bottle, then press the bottle into the clay to make sure the figurine is centered. Now, press the bottle down into the clay and make the silicone mixture. When you're done mixing, pour it into the bottle. Pour in a stream to avoid any bubbles inside of it. Let this sit overnight, then remove the clay from the bottom and cut a slut in the side of the bottle to remove the silicone. Peel the plastic away, then take the bottom of the clay off. Cut down the side of the silicone mold and then use for casting as you prefer!

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