How To: Make simple one piece silicone rubber molds

Make simple one piece silicone rubber molds

Check out this video for how to create simple one piece silicone rubber molds. This technique is ideal for smaller projects (less than 12" x 12"), this is the easiest process for creating parts, patterns, tools, & molds. We demonstrate creating a silicone rubber mold and then the casting of parts with Repro, epoxy casting resins and polyurethane elastomers. This process can be used in automotive, mechanical, fine art and film special effects uses.

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i cannot "see" the video - not playing although it says "now playing" what am i doing wrong?

send me all audio,video, software or all types so i can make a mould by a sculp.

Hi I am needing some help I am trying to make a silicone baby and I was wanting to know if you sell a product that would be good for not leaving air bubbles in the baby and still yet let it have some movement and not be stiff I also wanted to know if you could recommend something for me that I could use to make a mold out of for my parts of my baby doll

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