How To: Sculpt a ceramic clay sitting monster

Sculpt a ceramic clay sitting monster

How to Sculpt a Sitting Body out of Clay

Roll a ball of clay into a rounded rectangular box. Picking one end to be the head, pinch the top of the clay piece so that it becomes longer and thinner, with the very end in a small, rounded ball, as in the shape of a neck and head. To carve out the arms, take a small knife, or thin sharp edge, and indent through the clay, along the sides of the "body". Separate these "arms" from the clay "torso". Shape them as you wish, as long and thin as you prefer. By cutting an indentation from the middle of the bottom half of the clay "body" you separate the "legs". These, too, can be shape and molded as you wish. Stretch out the legs, remove excess pieces of clay, and form the feet in the shape you want. A small object, such as a match or a toothpick, can be used to indent details onto the clay "body", such as "muscle" bumps, like a 6-pack as seen here. By bending the clay on the edge of a surface, like a table, the clay body can be positioned in a sitting position. Add details to the face if you wish.

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