How To: Sculpt a ceramic clay "stitched" serpent

Sculpt a ceramic clay "stitched" serpent

If you would like to create the look of stitches or sutures on your clay sculptures, you will need the following: clay, a toothpick or sharp implement, and a cutting tool.

Using a small amount of clay, roll the clay into the shape of a dowel. Next, roll it between your fingers, until it looks like a long thin thread. Roll it until it is as fine and thin and even as you can get it. Lay it flat on a protected surface. Cut it into equal sized segments with your cutting tool. Apply the segments to a seam that you’ve etched into your clay figures, using the segments to bridge the gaps. Try to space them equal distance apart. Use your toothpick to press the ends of the segments into the clay mold on both sides of each segment.

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