How To: Sculpt a human head with Philippe Faraut

Sculpt a human head with Philippe Faraut

This video tutorial shows how to sculpt a realistic human head out of clay. Follow along with artist, Philippe Faraut, and learn how to mold, scrape, and design a human bust sculpture.

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oh my God this guy is super crazy wow this is awesome props to you sir.....nuf respect

this is more of a demo than a how-to, skips too many steps to be a how-to. Awesome! but not really informative...

As the previous review says it is not a detailed how to. However for someone who has created several sculpted heads, it does "suggest' ways to manipulate the clay over the "Bones" and ad details. Very much appreciated. Makes me want to take a sculpting course at the local college. So much to learn. It is all so much fun. Thanks. I got a lot out of this video.

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