How To: Turn an old vinyl record into a bowl or platter

Turn an old vinyl record into a bowl or platter

Seeing as record players are getting harder to find, here's something useful to do with your records, turn them into serving dishes! What you need to do is get some tin foil, oven safe dishes and of course records. Two different types of dishes can be made, a shallow plate-like dish and deeper bowl-like dish. For the shallow one use a cake pan for its form, you'll need a glass jar or an empty tin can for the other one. Start off by setting your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 177 degrees Celsius. Keep the room well-ventilated. For the plate-like dish put the cake pan over a cookie sheet, place tin foil over it and put the record over that. Place this is in the oven when it gets hot. Take it out after a bit and then gently fold the edges of the melted record down. When you've shaped it to your heart's content just peel it off. You'll have your dish. Now for the bowl, place a glass jar over the cake pan and then tinfoil over the jar and then the record on top of that. Place it into the oven and repeat the same process as before, this time though you'll get a bowl-shaped dish as you're using the jar to shape the record.

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