News: Dead Flylashes

Dead Flylashes

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Thats Just Nasty. Why Would You Do Something Like That.

This could cause you to get a massive eye infection! Flies are known carriers of prolific virulent diseases. You need to remove these "lashes" and speak to your doctor -as soon as possible!

OMFG that is repulsive on a weird level. The fact that you would use disembodied legs as false eyelashes alone is gross, but FLY LEGS?!

the hygiene of this art project is very questionable. beyond that, i can only visualize the act of separating the fly legs from the body

Oh good greif why???

Thats disgusting... I sure hope she sanitized them before getting them by her eye...eeeeeewwww, and what if one fell of and got stuck in your eye!!!! GGGGAAAAAGGGGorific!!

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