News: Make a perfect structure with ice cream cones

Make a perfect structure with ice cream cones

This ingenious how-to is a genuine tribute to the designs of inventor Buckminster Fuller.

This ice cream cone Buckyball was fabricated and filmed by New England textile artist Alyce Santoro. In stop motion, Alyce illustrates the carbon molecule, self-supporting Fullerene structure.

Fuller created the Buckyball during his lifelong research in sustainable human existence.

If you find this sugar cone example is not. The Buckyball is structurally a close cousin to the soccer ball and geodesic dome.

Make an ice-cream cone buckyball

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Did u consider using royal icing, filling the cones with a tight ball of hard ice cream and serving them at a party?; or using lard and then filling them with a mix of peanut butter and bird seed??

yes i did. That is I was able to think of when i did it.

Ummmmm.... This may sound stupid, but...

What the hell do you do with it? jus drop it off a balcony and watch it explode? XD

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