News: Thai Baker Sells Edible Body Parts

Thai Baker Sells Edible Body Parts

Thailand's own Stan Winston.

Artist Kittiwat Unarrom's gruesome baked goods are mindblowing. I can't imagine rendering this level of realism in clay, let alone bread dough.

Thai Baker Sells Edible Body PartsUnarrom comes from a family of bakers, and sells his gruesome baked goods at his "Body Bakery".

According to Coolhunting, "...Kittiwat Unarrom...[uses]...dough as his medium to sculpt gruesome renditions of hands, feet, heads, torsos and other body parts. The results are unnervingly realistic with eyes, lips and other details constructed out of cashews, raisins and the like. A lack of hair and blood-like glazes make the work all the more creepy..."

Check out the video below...if your stomach can handle it.

Tour Unarrom's Morgue of Bread.

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